New Apple iPad Released

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Apple has introduced a new iPad – it’s got an A10 chip (The iPad Pro has an A10X chip) and a 10 hour battery. A 8MP camera, 1080P HD video, up to 300 mbps LTE, compass, GPS, 10 hour battery life, and it weighs 1 pound.

But it only has 32GB storage! We imagine Apple is justifying this small amount of storage due to the fact that a lot of the content will be stored and accessed in iCloud. It’s probably a good thing that the 5GB iCloud storage will be bumped to 200GB for schools and iPad management, then.

It wil cost from $329/£319 – although schools will get money off, thanks to Apple’s education discount. You can order today. It’s is shipping and arriving in stores this week.
There will be discounts available for those buying for education. Schools can purchase iPad starting at $299 (US). We are waiting for confirmation of the UK education discount.